Our Story

The Good Neighbours Story

Beginning in 1986, we opened a Mission Drop-in in Riverdale. Since then, many of the families and individuals we knew left the downtown core and moved to Scarborough. We realized that Scarborough was becoming an area of great need with very few social services.

In 2016, we opened a new locations in Scarborough on Danforth Road and Eglinton East. It was in this new site that we learned of the closure of the Scarborough Red Cross Drop-In. After consultation with the Scarborough Red Cross, we decided to move near to the location they were leaving. Our new home has inherited some of the regulars from the Scarborough Red Cross, but also new people who are attracted to our sense of community. We are affiliated with St John the Compassionate Mission and follow the “Rule” of the mission. In Scarborough, Good Neighbours is part of the Apostolate of the Carpatho- Russian Orthodox Diocese.