Children & Youth at Good Neighbours

Girls Club

Part of our support to parents is our youth programs. In cooperation with St Mary of Egypt Refuge, Scarborough Good Neighbours runs summer camps and also camp- retreats throughout the year, providing children with an opportunity to experience life outside the city in a rural, wilderness area.

Youth camps focus on several important aspects of children’s developments and future life, such as a sense of confidence and worth, leadership skills, nutritional skills, appreciation and knowledge of the richness of Canada’s wildlife, and an experience of healthy community life. A strong educational focus of these camps is also an openness to the transcendent meaning of life, a familiarity with the tradition and stories found in the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, and a first-hand experience of the Orthodox life.

These camps and all the other activities that they generate throughout the year are open to all in Scarborough, with subsidies available depending on the financial need of each member.

Other Opportunities

Check out our OWL summer camps, organized through our affiliate, St. Mary of Egypt Refuge